Brand Building

Wellinsure Health Insurance Brand Building


Empowering Health
Revolutionizing Insurance.

At the time when our country had a modest support for the well being of its people, came an insuretech startup determined to revolutionize the health insurance industry.

the challenge

Steering towards
a sense of security.

While people were so done with the hassle of getting & maintaining a health insurance, Wellinsure wanted to be seen as a trustworthy and innovative health insurance company that customers and investors could rely on.

We built a face
for the company.

the solution

We helped them strategize and visualize their business by building an identity for them that resonates with trust & empowerment. We created a portal of possibility, their website, where anyone could get the health insurance instantly and with ease.

the hypothesis

Our speculation
about the project.

In a market longing for change, there exists a gap yearning to be filled. Customers crave insurance companies that prioritize transparency, empathy, and putting their needs at the forefront. It’s a call for insurers to step up, build trust, simplify processes, and deliver exceptional experiences.

Do I look after my ppl ya meri files?

Seth saab, paise dene wala

Patel Seth is the business owner of a local loan institution. He struggles with to manage health insurance files of all his employees.

if only swiggy got me some insurance as well...

Rohan Mehra, the start-up guy

As an ambitious entrepreneur, Rohan is hellbent on making life easier, got no time to visit an insurance office or wait in line

None of these plans fit my team.

Nisha HR, Ms. HR Manager

As an integral part of the company, Nisha strives to ensure the well-being of all employees, and also the best suit for her company!

I need to protect "meri family ki happiness"!

Aditya Rao, the family man

Aditya understands the importance of planning for the future and making wise financial decisions

the process
for a seamless


A hassle-free health insurance service, made seamless by providing an all-in-one solution with a single point of contact.
Relieving people from the complexity of cost concerns, regulations and procedures, setting them apart from traditional insurance providers.


Design an experience that perfectly embodies our brand, showcasing simplicity and seamlessness in every interaction


Create a brand image that holds its values and design alike consistent throughout all channels & platforms.


the value that
navigate the brand.


Tailoring experiences, services & solutions to meet the unique needs & preferences of customers.n


A commitment to providing clear information, being upfront about policies & processes.


Delivering extraordinary customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.


Timely healthcare support and swift action when it comes to protecting one’s health and well-being.


Prompt, dependable and consistent coverage that meets all of your health. and wellness needs.