Our Process

Our success is based on three things: methodology, relationships, and dedication. It's our ability to combine these three things that make us successful. Since we've been doing it for so long, every client we work with is successful and happy.
Live Facilitations
Making all important decisions by getting all key members and decision-makers in the room.
Make it Visual
One way to make sure everyone can visualize the changes is to document them clearly in a graphic format. Noting them in Powerpoint or documents.
Make it Fun
Creativity thrives at this organization. Its fun! The emphasis here is on transparency. Laughter is the status quo.
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Week 1 - Brand Sprints

During our first workshop with our clients, we make sure to get to the core of their brand and retool it if necessary. When the correct messaging is developed, we write and articulate it.
Onboarding & Kick-Off
Brand Strategy Workshop
Priorities & Goals Tracker
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Week 2 - Design Sprint

Our two days of workshops will help you define the scope, solutions, and storyboard of your website.
Information Architecture
Storyboards & Wireframes
Prototypes & User Testing
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Week 3 - Brand Experience

Personally, this is our favorite part. We go over last week's feedback and devise solutions that help you fine-tune your brand identity.
Logo Design
Colors & Typography
Mockups & User Testing
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Week 4 - Iteration Sprint

We rehash our feedback of last week and come up with solutions and make sure everything falls into place.
Web Development
SEO & Security Optimization
Final User Testing
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Week 5 - Hand Off's

Now that we've collected feedbacks, we finish the project and hand over the website & additional requirements.
Project Files Delivery
Team Training
Testimonial Video

It’s a magical process.
And the results are amusing.

Our approach helps define who you are and your customers. Setting goals for your business will involve these exercises as well.

Super Fast Delivery
Our high quality and lean processes help us achieve great results.
Design First Culture
Our designs always reflect emotional components crafted with a clear purpose in mind.